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People Pleasing Leaves No Time for Weight Loss

March 10, 2020
Are you an energy slut?
Do you give it away for free?
To anyone and everyone who asks?
And even to people who don't?
Do you spend time ruminating on thoughts about other people?
Do you try to change what they think?
Their experience?
What they think of you?
Because you care. A lot. Don't you? I totally get it. I love you.
Do you say things like:
"Why doesn't she just listen to me? It would be so much easier if she did it my way."
"He thinks I am so stupid and lazy. I can tell. He thinks I don't know, but I do."
"OMG, I hope she doesn't blame this on me. I can tell she is disappointed."
"I hate how people judge me so much. They will never be happy no matter how much I do."
If so, girl, you an energy slut.
Hey, don't worry, I'm the pot calling the kettle black.
Sometimes I give all the fucks even when no one asks me to.
I assume I need to do more, be more, give more or they aren't going to see me the way I want them to.
I attempt to control something that I don't need to.
It's usually because I've fallen back into the old pattern of trying to find my worth through "making" others happy in the way that I think they need.
Mind you, they are already happy. I'm creating the story that they aren't "as happy as they could be."
Then I remind myself. What I give is the perfect amount and, frankly, no one is paying me to worry about them when:
I'm driving in my card.
I'm in the bathtub.
I'm at the gym.
I'm laying in bed at night.
I'm cooking dinner.
I am enough. I do enough. I am loved as I am. And I don't need to slut around town giving my energy away for free.
Neither do you.
Who gets your energy for nothin' and your fucks for free?
[Yes, that was a Dire Strats reference. Deal with it. 😂]
[Also, I'm sexy positive and am not slut-shaming, just being colorful]
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