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Let’s Create Your First Weight Loss Goal in 4 Easy Steps

March 13, 2020

Goals are an important part of closing the gap between the way you are showing up and how you know you are capable of showing up.


They give our little squirrel-brains direction so that we can pursue Arete [excellence, next-level self]. 


Here is how we are going to do it:


1. Decide on what you want. Be specific.

2. Decide why you want it.

3. What are some negative thoughts you have about it



For example: I want to lose 10 lbs but I have so far to go.

Think about this thought as your future self.


Does it make sense to sulk on this?

Doesn't it make sense that you need to lose this first 10?

Doesn't it make sense that you will always need to lose this first 10?

Doesn't it make sense that if you don't lose this first 10 and continue to gain that you will need to lose even more?

Doesn't it make sense that this is something you need to do if you want to reach arete?



4. What needs to happen in order to achieve it. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Hell, even hourly.

Then start now. The time is always now.  Love you!


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